Take the survey to chart CUPE’s response to Canada’s opioid crisis

At our 2017 National Convention, members called for CUPE to respond to the opioid crisis by lobbying the federal government to work with all levels of government to implement a fully-funded, evidence-based response to the crisis.

The opioid crisis is a growing problem across Canada, affecting CUPE members and families across the country. The causes are multi-faceted and there is no consensus around how it should be solved. Too many people are needlessly suffering or dying, and the toll keeps rising. Our governments must do more to address this public health crisis.

As a CUPE member, you know that our members work with the public and work in public spaces. You know how the opioid crisis is harming our communities.

Some of you have jobs that require you to respond directly to the opioid crisis. Even if you’re not required to provide a direct response, you may encounter opioid-related issues in your workplace, such as discarded needles, drug use, overdoses and fatalities.

That’s why we invite all our members to take our new survey on Canada’s opioid crisis. Learning more from you will help us to better understand the scope of the problem and why certain solutions are needed.

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